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For more then a decade BL (Boys’ Love or Yaoi) anthologies have been published in Japan, bringing thousands of fans their monthly or bimonthly doses of BL. In recent years, the western market has shown interest in monthly or bimonthly anthologies; a popular example is Shoujo Beat. In October 2006, the first western BL Anthology will be launched at YaoiCon 2006. At this debut, the western BL fans will get a first hand experience of a BL Anthology.
Beginning January 2007, Rush Anthology issue 01 will offer limited advertisement space for companies and individuals who want to reach the niche BL market directly. Not only is this one of the fastest way to reach this niche audience, it is also very affordable. For less than 0.25 cents per anthology issue, you can have a full page spread advertisement. The Rush Anthology will have a guaranteed print run of 3000 copies. This print run can be upgraded to 5000 runs, without affecting your ad cost; so you can get 2000 ad pages for free!

Extra info
Target audience: Female between the ages of 18-35
Extra option: Full page color ads

Free extras
Free banner/link displayed on Rush website.
Three free copies of Rush anthology containing your ads.

For more information and pricing details, please use the contact button below.
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