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Here, faceless soldiers roam the streets for arcane purposes, and the residents live in a tense symbiosis. Taxi, a mopey would-be writer, has just been kicked out of the nest, and his new bachelor pad comes complete with unabashedly gay roommate, Luce.

Taxi, bitter over his unwelcome independence, figures things canít get much worse... until he accidently confronts the dangerous men he has spent his whole life avoiding, and starts something he may not be prepared to finish.
Preview Pages Theresa Zysk, perhaps better known as 'Reapersun' online, is a recent art school grad hailing from the US's Midwest. She is also working on ĎAnimusiansí which is written by Michelle Timian and will be published by Arcana. 'Children' will be her first published comic work.
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