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Shimazu Sho, a Japanese medicine student currently living in London, has an interesting secret: he is the owner of a zoomorphic creature, a boy with dog like features called Kin.

How could this happen? In a world where magic is not fantasy, anything is possible. Thanks to a misshaped magical spell Sho used to cure the agonizing Golden Retriever dog, he must now deal with his zoomorphic Kin, while he searches for a way to return the poor creature to his original form. But nothing goes to plan for Sho, when he begins to develop a special "relationship" with his this most unusual of pets.

Magic, wizards, sexy villains, handsome guardians and mysterious creatures abound as Sho and Kin step into the adventure of their lives.
Preview Pages Born and raised in Mexico, Lara Yokoshima dreams of becoming a professional western yaoi mangaka. Previously she published a few one shots here and there, but in RUSH she will serialize her first full manga story for her fans and yaoi lovers everywhere.
Lara loves to draw, play videogames and of course, read yaoi in her free time. Some of her hobbies are collecting figurines, art books, yaoi manga and tuning her car when she's got the chance (and money!).
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