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Mafia accountant Riley 'The Blade' Leary is a beautiful but bitter young man who finds himself blackmailed by an unseen party when he's caught stealing from his boss.

To make matters worse, he garnishes the interest of cocky, yet dangerous hitman, Anton Colletti. Will Riley manage to get things right, or will Anton make things go from bad to worse?
Preview Pages Tina Anderson, an American writer of comics/manga is known more popularly online under the pen name Gynocrat. She creates fiction published by the likes of Class Comics, Yaoi Press, Sin Factory, and Iris Print. Her first full-length BL manga, Only Words, hits stores in May 2007, from Iris Print, and is illustrated by Caroline Monaco. Laura 'Zel' Carboni is a mangaka from Taranto Italy, who's best known to Italian shoujo fans for her work Isa and Bea for Streghe, and her recent work with Winx Club. Her debut BL manga, Love Circles [Italy-Like U] makes it's stateside premier in Spring of 2007, from publisher Yaoi Press.
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