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Lan is a bastard child. A series of tragic events leave him orphaned at age twelve, but despite his servant status, he is taken in by his elder half-brother, and has since lived a simple and carefree life.

As the year’s Qing Ming festival draws near, he sets off into the woods, not knowing that fate has designed for him the most telling of encounters -- the key to a secret that will ultimately change his future.

Will Lan be able to face the truth that so threatens to break his mind?
Previews Coming Soon. Lynsley Brito (aka `dry ice) is a freelance artist currently enrolled under a graphics design course at the Ateneo de Manila University. Being an overseas Chinese, she has a long-standing interest in the eastern cultures, and likes to infuse such elements in her drawings. She is also working on several comic projects for studios local and abroad, and has dreams of doing this professionally as an illustrator.
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